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In case you are in need of any reading recommendations due to the the hibernation you find yourself in on this cold winter season, here are a few I highly recommend. These books are more of a feel good, finding yourself, and all around good for the soul. Some are these are based on a true story, spiritual growth, and other I find as a well written fiction story in case you are wondering.

Currently reading,...

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Til then, happy reading. 

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Nothing better kicks off the start of the summer than Memorial Day weekend. Don't you agree? I wish all weekends where just as long. But as we know, we're all back to reality tomorrow. By the way, how was your weekend? Mine was spent with friends and family of course. It was very low key but spent well of sitting by the campfire, sipping wine, telling stories, and other logistics. But in the spirit of Memorial Day, I also have to share this picture of these 2 handsome guys. The one on the right is my husband Scott, the other, his twin/my brother-in-law Ty. They both have served together through most of their time being in the Marines. Thank you all for all who served in the past and present. Also, check this heart felt  picture post by Pioneer Women. 

Ty and Scott, 2007

Ever need a pick me up? Yeah. I do to. It's been one of those weeks. Well, really the last couple of weeks to be precise. When I have a moment of down time, I like to explore on Pinterest to gain inspiration and at times, need some words to live by.  Maybe just need some good 'ol fashion advice or sometimes find some Ah-Ha moments! Take a look at these recent finds from Pinterest.

Cheers to a new beginning and to a fresh start! How was your New Year's? Mine - should you ask? Well, I was in bed by 9 o'clock sharp. Lame, I know.

I'm looking forward to this year and having a fresh start on other things. Many other things. I usually am not the type to set up some new years resolutions but I have made a list of doing  what I call fresh starts.  There are so many goals to my blog that I want to share with you as well. One of them, is changing my blog name. Maybe. The other, I've been getting a few requests to do more fashion posts, and doing more design/decor posts. There will be quite a few changes that will be happening on here. For now, they are going to be kept secret - just stay tuned!

My personal goals are to go as usual - like dropping those pesky pounds that I've been clinging onto for the past year. Another, I really want to read more - I need to.  Doing so,  I hope it'll to improve my writing skills. I think I'm not the best writer but I'm always looking to improve. My last goal for this year, is that I want to be a better photographer. Well, I think that is about it. Have you set any resolutions for yourself?

1. Family. 

There is nothing better time worth spent then being with family around the holidays. Mom, Dad, brother/sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws, and grandparents. I love how we used to do the secret Santa on Christmas Eve, talking away with catching up on our lives and what we've been up to.  Oh and to also catch up on the latest gossip on people from your small town.  Does your family do that to?

2. Friends

There has been a lot of holiday parties around here. There have been great company of some friends and then making some new ones.

3. The smell of a Christmas tree.

Needless to say more?!
Wait a minute,... I have a fake one this year...

So my allergies are not so forgiving this season .. but I still love to smell them.

4. The smell of burning Yankee Candles. 

Ah! The scent of Christmas Eve was the one scent I grew up on. If you ain't smelled one, ya gotta.

5. Memories of Christmas Eve on Scotts Lane.

It was grandpa and grandmas Daugherty's house. It was an absolute beautiful mid-century modern houme on a beautiful piece of land. And Christmas Eve made that house was so magical. Open floor plan, cozy family room with the fire place roaring, HUGE Christmas tree all over looking the great wall of windows to the winter wonderland woods. It was one of the most beautiful settings you'll have ever seen.

6. Christmas Eve.

I remember growing up coming home from our family festivities of the evening, lighting candles, our family room lite by our glowing tree, and my dad reading to me T'was the Night Before Christmas.

7. Christmas Mornings.

The smell of cinnamon rolls, and breakfast casserole baking in the oven just before we would open presents. And not to forget drinking a cup of coffee with some Baileys.

8. If your lucky, a snowy evening on Christmas Eve. 

Have you ever experienced a perfect snow fall on the eve of Christmas? If you haven't, you should add it to your life's bucket list. It's magical, beautiful, and kind of serene.  And when you step out into it, it's so erringly quiet, even when your in the middle of town. You can even hear the snow sprinkle on the clinging leaves with some of the trees.

9. Christmas Movies

Miracle on 34th Street, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Christmas Carol

You know... the classics.

10. Christmas Music

The hymns, Tony Bennet, Frank Sinatra.

So darn wonderful.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas week!
Let's have a small discussion about hallways, shall we? Hallways is one of thee most lived in space, believe it or not. We always go through them, like, everyday. Therefore, they really should be a celebrated space, or at least, a space to really be a part of your home. Seriously. Think about it. Here are some of my favorite designed hallway spaces.

Source: Pinterest

Wainscoting. Beautiful, traditional use of space. Plus cozy.  Give it more a gem feeling by adding a statement piece through the use of pendant lighting. 
Source: Pinterest

Adding a collage of your most prized photos.

Source: Pinterest

Adding texture to the ceiling, contrasting colors,  but light and an airy use of space. 
Source: Pinterest

The one favorite thing that I love about this hallway is the shine to the ceiling and the drum shade lighting pendent.  THose pendents are my favorite now a days. 

Source: Pinterest

Ah! This space. Purely simple. This color is so underestimated but works so beautifully with the natural walnut colored wood flooring for contrast. Don't you think this space is striking?  Plus the vocal point really adds to the sparkle.

Hope this gave you some inspiration like it does for me. Lately, I've been obsessing a little of hallways and the "entrance" feeling it can give you. It's probably because I'm currently looking into an adorable modern/craftsman house to buy. Ever since then, I've been planning in my head what I would do to the inside. Right when you walk into the home is an hallway entrance.  Of course, I'm plotting the way to make it better. I will definately keep you posted whether or not we have purchased this home. 

See you Wednesday!

Weddington Way,  an online boutique for all your wedding party essentials, has asked me to create a custom look for a bridesmaid for a New Year's Eve wedding.  This site offers such a variety from bridal shower dresses, to maternity dresses, rentals, and even groom accessories! So Brides, you have to come and check out this website. This will help narrow down all your searching into just one place. And for us other ladies who are either already married, waiting to get married, - you can still come and search this site. There are beautiful options on here for wedding parties, dance events, showers, business parties, graduations, or whatever!

Below is my custom bridesmaid look for the New Year's Eve wedding. The palette is truly inspired (but of course) by the traditional colors of the night such as champagne golds, whites, touch of black.. Though I went for a more traditional look, the aim is to be simple, elegant, classic romance with the use of soft gold, ivory, pearly white, neutrals, and then adding just small hints of "black". When I visually see this wedding, all shades of gold, champagne, white, and hints of black will be all done in the bouquets, the lights, and other beautiful accessories throughout the event. Before you go, be sure to check out their latest dress collection.

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