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OH Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

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Okay, first off, you may want to pop in some holiday music of Tony Bennet or Frank Sinatra. Or even both! Go ahead, I'll wait.   Do you have it playing? ....... *waiting*.............*still waiting*............. There. Much better. Have you put up your christmas tree up yet? If your like me, whenever I walk in to some of the stores that have fully decor'd beautiful christmas trees, I always wished I could create the same affect. Well, I'm getting better at mastering the code of the fully decor'd christmas tree. Bur first, there are some rules to follow. Here's a couple tips before you start, find a theme and stick to it. Second, be sure to stick with just 3 colors. For example, go with a traditional red, winter themed tree. Your colors should be red, silver, and white. Grab a variety of sizes of ornaments to. 

Okay, lets get started. Just like a recipe, you have to do it in this order:

Your "Ingredients":

- Tree Lights -Depending on the size of your tree, you need 100 "lights" per every 3 ft)
- Ornaments - Remember, 3 colors. I'd get matte and metallics. Shapes to go with your theme, and                              variety of sizes.
- Foliage - sort of. Well get frosted pine tree limbs, or "wired" tinsel, flowers, feathers, sparkled                            berries, etc,...
- Ribbon  - Plain or some pattern will do just fine. 
- Garland - Yes, garland. Though I didn't put any in my tree, this time anyway, it give it more of a                          full effect and depth. 


1. Make sure your tree is nice and fluffed. If you don't have a pre-lite tree, place your lights in a forwards and backwards motion (securing them of course) as you work your way around. 

2. If your doing garland, start placing one close to the top and then work your way down. (Again, depending on the size, you may need 3-5 garland pieces). 

3. Roll out your ribbon around the tree OR you can cut out a few pieces and make beautiful bows out of them. You can find how to do them here. BUT hold off till you add the foliage. 

I wrapped the ribbon around my tree. 

4. Add foliage throughout the tree. 

5. Finally, place your ornaments. Be sure to hang some of them towards the back to give it more depth. Add your bows, and then your tree topper! 

Have fun when your decorating your tree! 

My golden, Koby, that joined in on the fun!

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